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The Provence-Alps-Riviera region is home to widely varying geography and cultures which are reflected in its culinary heritage, full of colour, fragrance and flavour, deeply rooted in tradition yet resolutely forward-looking.

The Provence-Alps-Riviera region means the sheer pleasure of sipping a pastis, nibbling on gorgeous olives, tasting the ardent flavour of tapenade on delicately toasted bread, diving into a Bouillabaisse, indulging in nougats, macaroons, fruit pastes and other local treats.

Yet moving beyond the discovery, even greater pleasure is to be had in sharing in the knowledge of how the products are made! Learn the secret of the preparation of Navettes or Nougalette, be initiated into the world of Provencal aperitif drinks, based on anise, absinth or fruits. Visit the vineyards or the olive groves on the slopes surrounding Aix-en-Provence, learn the history of the olive oil mills in the Baux de Provence, go behind the scenes with a biscuit maker in the Provencal Drôme, take a class in Mediterranean cuisine near St Tropez, see how the traditional Champsaur tarts are made … these are indeed unforgettable experiences!

To help you grasp the gastronomic and economic depth of the Provence-Alps-Riviera region, several regional firms, true Provencal food businesses, are pleased to open their doors to your visit. These several companies, located throughout the entire region, expect your visit to explore their products, their savoir-faire and their heritage.

This Internet site, prepared by the Food & Beverage Federation of Southeastern France - the FRIAA (Fédération Régionale des Industries Agro-Alimentaires) with support from the Provence-Alps-Riviera Regional Council, provides you with detailed information on the reception and events that these 10 firms offer to visitors. Enjoy discovering their offer here on this site, then please come visit!

Jean-Michel SALON
Delegate General


22 July 2016
The French gastronomy festival from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th 2016

The 6th edition focuses on a new, ambitious strategy with a specific goal : to gather more than 11 000 events over three days !

The themes chosen this year to celebrate gastronomy are “terroirs and culinary heritage”.

Gastronomy is regarded as a cultural inheritance, and as such benefits from the patronage of UNESCO’s French Commission.

This theme will contribute to the promotion of the values of French Gastronomy, through a generous, convivial experience which gathers amateur gourmets as well as renowned specialists.

Last year, 11 500 events were organized in France and abroad. 90% of project managers are willing to renew their participation in 2016, others are eager to participate for the first time.

Events organized in local firms contribute to the celebration of know-how, tradition and local innovation in the field of gastronomy.

Find all the events on the official website http://www.fete-gastronomie.fr, or create your own event.

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